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Glimpses of Me

I been meanin to note things down but it's been hard to find a way of making things sound... Not emo. XD Cash is hard to come by right now and food is scarce; but to me that's honestly no big deal. So I give up on finding a way of laying it out so it sounds 'normal' to anyone else; to be frank, my mind won't ever be seen as normal so there's literally no way at all of translating things up there.
So skipping over the not-to-be-understood we're left with a few base facts. Fact one is I'm in my own place - sort of. Hotel, a little less than a mile from work. I'm working on running now; I can pretty much bike decently, when my willpower holds out at least, so now I'm thinking if I alternate biking and running it'll maintain some of what I've gained over all those hills and build up the ability to run as well. In just a week I can already run more than when I started out - when I can make myself run that is. Sometimes you just feel too bleh to make yourself break into a jog. XD Also getting back into using that shake weight thing - bingo wings anyone? Lol. Good news is, with all the exercise that's Required what with commuting by bike or foot to work, and with only eating things that don't make me sick (my place, my food - I just don't buy anything bad for me, easy), I'm losing weight pretty quick. I'm hoping to be a fair bit more presentable when Mario's deployment ends.
Got some rough hours this week so it's gonna be pretty tight in a little bit, but that's alright. I'm sittin here rockin out to my new song obsession - You Have The Sweetest Ass In The World. I can't stop cracking up, it reminds me of hubby soo much. XD *does a little dance in the seat* XD
My main focus is paperwork right now. I got all the civillian stuff done up - FINALLY might I add. Changing the middle name in honor of all Storm did for me while we kept in touch is what took the longest. I had to wait for a court date to get the court ordered name change to confirm the middle one skipping to Josephine. But to be honest I really do just like it better, especially with Mario's last name.
I have a new license, I got that while he was here; thankfully the DMV chick just went with it as most people would just shift their middle to their maiden and their last to their married and leave it at that. I wasn't doin a simple shift like that though and, thanks to Keith pushing SO HARD for doin this proper and legal (even if there were things like the DMV just goin with it/not requiring it) I get to be more or less claimed by him in the most ultimate way possible. I did two birds with one and ordered the court thing to be the middle And last changed - which means when I order my updated birth certs with the new middle I also get my new last on there as well. There's literally no other way for his name to be stamped on me. 8D Eeeeverything is marked. Which. I honestly like. It's a neat idea, or at least it's appealing to me. Shush up nay-sayers. Nyeh. Lol.
Aaaanyhow, I have the license and already sent out the update-the-passport papers (or they will be mailed out tomorrow at least, the office is sendin 'em for me as that's how you mail out here) and on Friday I'm swingin a bus to downtown to just grab a new Social - because it's faster than mailing, for one, and because the stupid lazy pants close at three thirty now so I have to wait until an actual day off what with workin at six, seven and nine in the morn lately.
Which leaves.... The military side. I gotta start with gettin a military ID of course, that kind of just begins the whole bringin me in the military family part of it, though I have absolutely NO idea where to begin with that or what I'm doin. There is, however, at least a link that he sent me that should help get me started in the right direction. Now, to figure out how I'll get to the nearest military base... And if any base will do, and what to do when I get there. But that's what the link is for, partly, hah.
I misssss him on ye Gods I miss my man, but it's a happy kind of missing him. The I-have-someone-to-love-to-pieces kind. Though I'm being slightly obnoxious about it I think; I couldn't resist linking the german version of You Have The Sweetest Ass In The World on his facebook page, just because it makes me laugh soo much and oh it reminds me of him. xD That, and really good music that makes me really happy also tends to make me really randy. XD No idea why. He can vouch for it, though, we'd be drivin along and some song I realllly love would pop on the radio and I'd tell him he was lucky I didn't make him pull over to the side of the road.... Which I was only doing to be nice as he couldn't even walk straight after I'd finished with him earlier anyway. *giggles* I won't ever forget the little limp he had in Wally that day. 8D I think we weeeere, we were gettin somethin or other of course and he got some of those frozen daquiri things. He really liked those, it was soo cute. XD He does the fruity lil drinks. I got to see him on some hard liquor too though... Oh that was fun. I can't even begin to describe how adorable that was, lol.
Alrighty I better reign myself in there before I go babblin for the next hour. Gaaaah, as he says - Newlyweds, eh? ;D Oh and his mama called me. Apparently she's soo happy that we met up and we're all hitched and that I make him happy and yadda yadda. Wants to meet me; and what's more wants to meet my mama and all o them. It's. Kinda neat. I never heard too much about 'em, just know he loves 'em to itty bits, his mum and sis. And well, I'm more than a little nervous, but excited too; I'm not sure when but I do know she'll make the man intro us sooner or later. XD Sounds like she has a good, er, opinion of me so far at least. Let's hope I don't blow it, eh? XD
Awww I loooove this song. No idea where it came from or who sings it, though. Tee, gotta love the mush playlist.
It's neat havin my own place. I don't have to wear headphones for music, I can leave my uniform on the floor 'til I wanna pick it up - either later that night or the next morn. I don't leave messes for long when I do leave 'em, I know how easy it is for them to build up, but I don't constantly clean either. Sometimes you gotta leave the bowl on the table for a few hours instead of instantly hopping up, ya know. And I get to walk around in nothin but my panties, which I LOVE, oh Gods I hate clothes. And I love this silky little panties I'd gotten for Mario... He liked 'em too I think. *smirk* One day he was doin laundry while I was at work and some old lady gave him this /look/ - you know the ones - and he looks at the lacey lil silky smooth panties in his hand and goes "They're my wife's!" XD *cackles*
Gahhh I love my dork.
Anyhow I got Friday off and I know I'll have some runnin around to do so that requires clothes - which means that I'll get to have my window open. I so prefer natural light. Most days I prefer to not have clothes more than I prefer the winder open, as I do get a surprising amount of passer-by even with bein on the third floor (extra exercise - when I do take the bike, it's up and down two flights of stairs). I'm hopin Penny calls me a bit later - she was plannin a visit here soon and I was gonna see if she could bump it up to this Fri and sat as, well, to be honest I am pretty much guaranteed not to have another random miracle such as a double-day-off-weekend-area happen again the next week. This is like a once in a blue moon occurance here!
It'd be right after I get paid and if I put off orderin the amended birth certs for a bit longer (which I can do, no Real rush on those as I don't think they're required for the military paperwork (or I hope) and I do need to wait on said military paperwork to go through and all that good jazz) then I can reimburse (did I spell that wrong? I think I did...) her with a tank of gas at least. I wanna see my girls; Bird and me need a good talk, at the least, I'm a bit worried about that girl. And in any case, as neat as it is not having to worry about wakin anyone up if I can't sleep at one in the morn, it gets BORING. XD
I'm married, have no interest in television, am almost done with the little list of 'required' movies my man left for me to watch (I'm gonna try and watch Underworld again tonight if I can focus) have no books and absolutely zero concentration for anything like writing unless I have a playmate to bounce inspiration off of (I mean I have ideas it's just Inspiration, you know? Gods that does sound lame...)
Plus even if I could afford it I can't just go to a bar and drink - well okay he would let me have a few but he would want it to be Just a few,BEATS BY DRE DIAMOND HEADPHONES, and there's no way I'd be happy with simply a buzz (even if alcohol does make me sick). I never have been one to drink for the taste alone anyway. xD I always enjoyed getting wasted.
He dun like when I curse either, and I just know if I went out and picked a fight like I did back in highschool he'd tear me a new one. Soo I'm left with a lot of time to fill. I don't talk to people much any more,BEATS BY DRE LIMIT EDITION HEADPHONES, I reckon; what with work and all I don't usually find 'em around when I am, and if they are, well, it's all just shootin the bull any way. Good grief it was hard not to curse just now, lmto.
I spend most of my time with music - and not the way I used to, by finding some random song/singer and getting an entire discography to organize. I probably would be only torrents aren't wanting to work for me right now; and I had a friend check, she had the same problem. Could have over a hundred seeds and zero availability. Not sure if it's uTorrent or Pirate Bay, but either way somethin went bust!
Neh now-a-days I'm just essentially flitting around listenin to tunes - sometimes I browse DA, sometimes I pop around FB, sometimes I just roll onto someone and nom their head a bit. xD Mainly been pokin this one friend up in Idaho like that lately, actually; she's a peach, really, and I just have to snicker at certain similarities. Though she needs her eyes checked, she thinks I'm skinny. 8D
Stilll the nights get so long that I even was glad to jabber on the phone with Penny and the girls for a few hours recently. Just to fill time. Actually, I think this phone has been used more than the one I had been borrowin from Keith - Keith called me on it, Penny called me on it, Mario's mama called me on it. Good grief the only one that hadn't is Jerry and work, and I'm just bidin my time 'til those happen. XD OH and I think I have a friend, in a way, as much as 'oh hey neighbor' can be a friend at least. There's at least a gal and her feller a couple doors down that I know by sight any way. Random encounter coupled with odd bought of bravery from me equaled a noddin acquaintance. XD
Which is nice. Think I also got a couple friends at work, though I'm glad one guy quit - he was rather creepy, would stare at me across the room. ._. Stalker vibes, man, or serial killer. Very much not nice. And there's this great crass old smoker lady I just adore. XD She's one tough cookie. And I think she's quittin the habit, so extra yay there.
Soo yeh. He randomly one day, without any whimpering or pleading or even mentioning of it by me, up and told me he was quitting. Of course we'd talked about it before and he just never really Wanted to quit and so he never really Did... Which sucked so hard it was like the best darn thousand dollar call girl in Vegas. Speaking of, funny thought on that subject - when did 'cocksucker' become a way of sayin bad man? It's not a bad man, it's a good girl! XD SO ANYWAY. Yeah my thoughts are a lil splintered. Lol. So he just up and says he's quitting and I'm more or less like 'uhm,BEATS BY DR DRE HEADPHONES, okay? 8D Yay.' and just sort of let him know he wasn't sayin it because I had just been whimpering over how much it bothers me but that it was somethin he decided on his own. So, you know. If he couldn't do it. Then he just weren't strong enough to do it. Had nothin to do with me pushin him into it and startin up again just because he don't really wanna drop it.
He fully quit, used the patch things he said, and then he went the first day without usin one and said he didn't crave a smoke but he Did want to punch someone that he finds particularly annoying in the face more than was usual. I found that made me giggle, but just about everythin he does makes me giggle. If he actually punched him and got docked a month's pay even that would make me giggle (though I'd have no food that month I dun think I'd care too much) XD
I just. Randomly smile over that. It's pretty much the best thing he coulda done to be all 'I love you' to me. I even said I dunno why he was doin it and I reckon it don't much matter but I was proud of him cuz it was provin to be hard and he wasn't cavin in yet. And he goes that he's doin it for me. I had no idea what to say to that.
It was tooooo sweet, good Gods I have no idea how to handle this man I swear! XD
ANYWAY. It. Makes me happy. Soo happy. Extra happy because it's like, he did it for me, cuz he loves me. And now each time I start to get irked by some stupid smoker that's all up in my face with their nasty lung-withering addiction I gotta be all thinkin "Yeah well my husband quit SO THERE." XD *cackles*
Mmm and this tea I'm drinkin is too good to be allowed, though I won't be able to get any more after this. It's two parts golden chamomile, one part mint, and one part honeybush caramel. Veeery good stuff. I already drank like... A quart I think. And golly I gotta pee.
So I'm gonna go do that, and listen to You Have The Sweetest Ass In The World again, and pick apart this Military ID Card site that hubby linked me to to help me out with all this paperwork I need to do, and then I'ma give that one movie another go - Underworld I think it was. Somethin about it rang a bell to me earlier when I tried to watch it the first time and that made it hard to focus. I also found that, even when it's from the Vamp's POV, I root for the werewolves. XD *dweeb*
Yipes I gotta take a leak.
Wish me luck with the paperwork!